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Vision Statement

We aim to provide insightful and inspirational content on a platform that embraces the diversity of the world's entertainment.

Mission Statement

Delivering your daily dose of entertainment and inspiration.


Jay Kumar


Jay Kumar, an alumnus of “High Tech Engineering”, is the host of Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show. A dynamic and influential host known for his passion for the entertainment business. 

Mahesh Keshvala


The Visualization of Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, relies chiefly on Mahesh Keshvala for the high caliber of the website. With eight years of experience, he manages handling photo edits and finalizing effects for the videos.

Priya Shandilya


Priya Shandilya is the mastermind of all of the thoughtfully constructed content on Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show. With six years of experience, she brings her journalistic nose to research and write effectively. 

Rajendra Patidar

Marketing Manager

Rajendra Patidar is the marketing maestro of Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show. With five years of industry experience, he brings expertise for SEO, article, and page promotion. 

Advisory Board Members


The 'Messiah', A One Man Army.

Sonu Sood, an actor, social worker, and "Messiah" of the masses, has emerged as the common people’ savior during the pandemic. He has consistently supported honorable causes and served as an inspiration to many. We are fortunate that Sonu Sood is not only a motivation to individuals around the globe but is also a close friend and advisor to Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show.


Strategic and Visionary Thinker

Mr. Jeritt Kent is an IEEE Senior Member, a Truman Scholar Alternate, and a Masters of Electrical Engineering graduate of the University of Idaho. With 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, he is not only well-versed in technical aspects, but he also possesses a great deal of creativity and intelligence. Jay-Ho is the creative outlet for Jeritt.

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