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“Bollywood music Losing Originality, Hope this trend changes soon”: Composer–Singer Arko


Music composer-singer Arko Pravo Mukherjee is upset that Bollywood music is losing its originality in the race to add more remixes and remakes in its playlist. And he hopes for this trend to change soon.

“Nowadays, even big films have mostly remixes of older songs, or some new Punjabi songs, instead of more original songs. So, we should have original music especially in big films. That’s what I feel,” says Arko, adding, “The ratio is highly disturbed… Right now, there is too much remake work when it comes to music and much less original work”.

That’s why he wants the trend to change, and “see far more original songs in our films”.

When it comes to him, he is also working on retaining the originality of the music, and his musicography studded with songs such as Nazm Nazm, Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyaar Aaya Hai, O Saathi, Tere Sang Yaara, and Baarish, proving it.

He even found a silver lining in the pandemic, which gave him time to analyse how to go about changing the trend. “The pandemic did give me a lot of stress. But it also gave me a lot of free time…To contemplate, evaluate, analyse (my work). Also to compose, write, read, watch good cinema and to plan and strategise future endeavours,” the musician confesses.

So, what are his future projects? “I am working on a few films including Mission Majnu, Om, Gandhi Talks, Dedh Bigha Zameen. Along with it, I am working on a number of singles to be released every month. Last but not the least, this year I shall focus on content for my personal channel to connect with my listeners,” he says.

And he is hopeful that the music industry will revive and get its rhythm back after suffering from another slump because of the virus crisis. “Music industry is doing fine as a lot of content is created nowadays without gathering. Live performances and concerts should start soon. Within this year itself everything will be back to normal touchwood,” shares the composer, who recently released his first devotional song titled Diya Jalao Ram Naam Ka.


Mukherjee was recently seen in one of the leading talk shows of USA, Jay Ho! The Jay Kumar Show. Where he shared his motivation and inspiration behind composition his soulful numbers that would definitely inspire a lot of struggling artist who wants to make a mark in the Indian music industry.

Watch the teaser here:


By: Subharup Das Sharma


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