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''Chamkegaa India'' by Alisha Chinai, rekindles the nostalgic emotion

Whether it's Made In India, Tinka Tinka, Rang Rang mere Rang Rang mein, Kajra Re, or any another blockbuster song, it appears that India's OG Melody Queen Alisha Chinai has cast a spell on her admirers. With her appearance on her track, her sensual silky voice is amplified in her latest release ‘Chamkegaa India’.

27 years back a youth anthem came to existence

Alisha Chinai's popular song "Made in India" has been the youth anthem of India for nearly three decades. Every youngster from the 90s remembers this tune. And now, in her latest song, "Chamkegaa India," Alisha has paid tribute to her country in a fresh way while still upholding the same principles. She did not forget her homeland in her new album which is full of appreciation for it.

Singer celebrates her nation India

Alisha's new song, "Chamkegaa India" is a beautiful melody that honors India's diversity. The lyrics “London se America, Tokyo se Russia, Paris se Australia, Mumbai se Italia…” sums up the song brilliantly. Despite the fact that the song uses alternative adjectives for the country this time, it expresses her longing for love of her life and love for the country. Alisha Chinai appears to laud India no matter where she goes on the planet.

Alisha is joined by her ‘Pardesiya’

"Chamkegaa India" features Alisha Chinai and a fresh face Furkat Azamov. Furkat's voice, as well as his presence can be seen in the song.The song was directed by Lidiya Andre, with music by Furkat Azamov and lyrics by Alisha Chinai.

Coming back to Alisha's song ‘’Made in India’’ which is not only a youth anthem, but it has also been adopted by the existing Indian government as a catchphrase. It strengthened Alisha's reputation while also establishing Milind Soman's. Many females adored the fit and sexy hunk, and he's still best known for ‘’Made in India'' song. And now Furkat Azamov has become a crucial part of Alisha's ‘’Chamkegaa India’’, and we hope he enjoys the same stardom as Milind and Alisha.

Her album's exceptional quality

Alisha Chinai's stunning videos have set a precedent, just like her seductive and smooth voice. Her song has all of the elements fire, tenderness, and benevolence needed to capture the attention of music lovers. Her albums have a distinct flavor to them, with an emphasis to international artists, a picturesque environment. She is always well-marked and impactful, with a dash of modern elegance in her Indian costume.

It won't be an exaggeration to portray her as a well-known artist with a signature style and broad appeal. No doubt, her song ‘’Chamkegaa India’’ has given music a new lease on life. This song evokes a deep nostalgic feeling.

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