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Tushar Pandey as ''Titu Ambani'', an attempt to address a delicate subject, Talks in detail on Jay-Ho

Mama's boy Tushar Pandey is now grown up and has become one of the Ambanis, ''Titu Ambani''. You might be wondering who is this new Ambani? Without further ado, let us introduce you to Tushar Pandey, a tremendously talented, zealous, and realistic actor.

Famous for his role as ‘’Mummy’’

He essayed the role of a fearful boy in Chhichhore, often crying out for his mother, and as a result, he earned the nickname "Mummy." He merely has a secondary role in the film, but his presence is indeed very significant. He belonged to Sushant Singh Rajput's college gang. Chhichhore was the film that gave his career a push and made him well-known.

What does "Titu" feel about Ambani?

In a conversation with Jay Kumar, host of Jay-Ho The Kumar Show, Tushar Pandey expressed excitement about his upcoming movie, "Titu Ambani," saying, "Ambani didn't become Ambani by simply selling SIM cards; rather, he devoted his attention to numerous things,which is what made him ‘’Ambani’’. Likewise, as you have seen me in Chhichhore and Aashram, I am now coming with my solo hero movie, Titu Ambani.'' 

According to Tushar, ‘’Titu Ambani’’ is a small film with a compelling subject and an important message. Titu Ambani's life is addressed in the film, whilst you may discover more about Tushar by watching Jay-Ho The Jay Kumar Show.

Tushar’s movies with Aamir, Amitabh & Taapsee

Let us enlighten you that Tushar has been performing since his college days. He first appeared in the 2006 movie Rang De Basanti, starring Aamir Khan. 10 years later, he seized the opportunity to co-star in the smash "Pink" with Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu. He has executed several commendable projects, such as Chhichhore, Aashram, Homecoming etc.

Tushar's vocabulary lacks the term "typecast"

Tushar has that sort of dynamism, you can't refute his on-screen presence even though he was merely a supporting character. And the best thing is that Tushar has never allowed the term "typecast" to apply to him in his professional life. He has made the best use of his talent by pleasantly surprising us in a variety of roles. He has obtained his acting instruction at the National School of Drama (NSD), one of Asia's most esteemed theater institutions, and proceeded on to pursue his advanced degree at the London International School of Performing Arts.

Now, coming to the most important subject, Tushar is ready for his grand launch as lead actor. The 8th of July is the scheduled release date for his upcoming film Titu Ambani. Without giving you any spoiler of the story, you just need to know that Tushar is going to be startling in the movie. Actress Dipika Singh, known for her work in the hit Indian TV drama Diya aur Baati hum, is paired opposite Tushar.

We wish Titu Ambani, aka Tushar Pandey, goodluck with his movie and hope it is a massive hit. 


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